Three Phases of Change for Chanier Caminada



Desoto Park Site Observation .007: Photography_Meditation

For this week’s site visit I highlighted intriguing moments found within my panorama. Each set of images is connected to corresponding ‘site line’ observations set within a larger time frame.



Desoto Park Site Observation .006: observe:diagram:sketch:annotate

Last weekend I spent three hours meditating at our site. I observed and documented the site on a micro-scale, with special focus on the temporal change that unfolded around me. My meditation site was at the intersection of North St and the Mississippi River. I was surprised by the amount of circulation surrounding me- be it pedestrian, automotive or bicycle. I interacted with 15 people and witnessed a large amount of recreational activity ranging from fishing, sun-bathing, hiking and cycling. In the larger context this intersection at our site is currently serving as a recreational space.

Urban Waterfront Park Precedents Presentation

New Growth

Overall my Micro Landscape hasn’t been producing at the volume I was hoping for. The combination of hydroponics and the stressful studio atmosphere are weighing heavy on my golden pathos friends. The plant has successfully replicated itself three times in six weeks and a fourth bud is coming along. Maybe I’m too demanding.

Four plants as of March 11th.

New growth from last week.


Desoto Park Site Observation .005: Prototype.Measure

In envisioning a cafe at the Desoto Site, I took measurements while visiting a few of my favorite cafes in Baton Rouge. Typically, tables were two to three feet in diameter and chairs were two feet by two feet. 6’x6′ was an average comfortable space for four chairs and a table. Patios ranged from 30’x 30′ to 60′ x 60′ -the Atrium and Perks (R.I.P.) respectively. For this observation I used 60 marker flags.


Desoto Park Site Observation .004: Inventory

Unlike most of South Louisiana, the Desoto Park site has a considerable change in topography, ranging from 54′ at the state capital to an average of 16′ at the batture. Architecture at the site is a mix of Art Deco (State Capitol), Colonial (Pentagon Buildings) and recent modern precedents (Visitor Center).